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The act of swallowing one or more pills without the aid of liquid.
He found the aspirin and dry swallowed two of them.
by Thomas Harman April 17, 2008
A beverage which has become not quite hot, but undesirably warm.
About a can of beer which has been left out in the sun all day, one might say: "This beer is pisswarm.".
by Thomas Harman January 17, 2008
When somebody erroneously states that something is the best or worst thing ever because they have only just encountered it and are too confused by thier unfamiliarity to it to realise its true quality.
Sam:"I got this CD yesterday, its the best album ever!"
Tom:"I think in a few days you'll realise you were just suffering from novelty blindness."
by Thomas Harman February 08, 2008
The man or woman who routinely steamrolls their way into a private conversation and makes it their own, usually stealing one conversation partner and leaving the other feeling jilted.

Common incident in staff rooms, classrooms, etc., where interesting conversations are few and far between.
Esmeralda: "Oh you're so funny Rufus, I would be so unhappy without you to talk to."
Rufus: "So I was wondering, well if you're not too busy tonight, maybe we could-"
Jean-Claude: (pokes Esmerelda) "Traffic was bad this morning..."

Rufus:(looking totally cast aside)"That fucking Jean-Claude... what a conversation thief!"
Tom: "Yeah."
by Thomas Harman February 28, 2009
The act of swallowing one or more pills without the aid of liquid.
He found the aspirin and dry-swallowed two of them.
by Thomas Harman January 30, 2008
1. The prefered outburst of the people of the ancient or fictional civilisations before the gods affiliated under one name for business and political reasons. Then decided using God's name in vain was a heinous sin, for authoritarian reasons.

2. A subtle double blasphemy to be exclaimed when surrounded by devout christians.
Roland of Gilead: "By the gods!"
by Thomas Harman September 28, 2008
The greatly over used word to describe the relatively tame subject matter of PG rated movies, thus diluting its true meaning. For example The Dark Knight or Harry Potter.

Moron McMoronington: "The Dark Knight is the darkest of the two."

Grandad: "The jewish prisoners at Auschwitz saw some very dark times..."
Tom "Yes indeed."
by Thomas Harman September 13, 2008
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