2 definitions by Thomas E. Peay

A police organization formed for people who do not want to hear others whine about meaningless and random occurences that happen in their boring lives.
Lit. Teacher: "Hamlet can either be described as sane or insane and this all depends on how you interpret his actions in the play."

Me: "Wow... Someone call the care police."
by Thomas E. Peay September 15, 2004
Originated from the lastname of Adam Stanhope. First he was called Stanalope which was a bastardization of Stanhope. Eventually he was just known as lope which is obviously a bastardization of Stanalope. He is known for being leet in the area of counter-strike and life.
"Lope is so cal-i."

"Hell yea, he owned me in a scrim."
by Thomas E. Peay September 15, 2004

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