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Also known as SFDL for inside joke use....a Skank Faced Dick Licker is someone with chronic bitch face,you know they always look like a bitch, who also enjoys whoring around with men of the opposite race and commonly with other SFDLs.

These may be spotted in the mall being very loud but be careful upon approachal the only way to obtain and capture one is to bait them with a dildo on a string and a bear trap.
Dude guess what im totally gonna fuck that chick at the bar.

Total Skank Faced Dick Licker Dude , youre too white to get wit dat.
by Thomas Cornelius Johnston III December 16, 2011
Something you say when you or your fave team is losing. there is no counter dis to suck my cock , ill murder your family.

this phrase may also be used to rattle complete strangers on the metro.
bitch: i beleive you were traveling good sir.

you:O im terribly sorry.

bitch: yes well its quite alright

you: suck my cock , ill murder your family!
Someone who constantly puts their hands down their own pants and seems as though they are "digging for gold" or "bugs to feast upon" or maybe even trying to capture the essence of their own smegma on their hands. Thus resembling the acts of a monkey by fondleing themselves.
I shared cheetos with this girl today. I didnt tell her that I had played some fondle monkey earlier that day.
by Thomas Cornelius Johnston III January 31, 2011
When someone has a foot fetish consisting of only midgets, many many midgets, who constantly pee on that person one after another
Hey man how was your first night in vegas?
Good I had a threesome and totally felt greatvafter, how bout you?
Great I won three hundred bucks and celebrated by treating myself to midget lightning storm , but i'll tell you it wasn't cheap.
by Thomas Cornelius Johnston III January 06, 2011
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