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a temporary discoloration of skin like a tan line after tanning, normally done on purpose with and object shaped to what the person wanted. Most seen on teenage girls from tanning salons.
Sarah: Hey Rachel look i got a cute heart from tanfastics.
Rachel: Nice, i got my tantoo on my arm.
by Thomas Coleman January 15, 2007
A hashbrownie is when marajuana is inserted into brownie mix and cooked so when it comes out it gives you the disirable effect of being high. The word hashbrownies orignate from the nick name hash a.k.a. marajuana.
Make your hashbrownie mix to 400 degrees or untill you smell the essents of your favorite drug
by Thomas Coleman October 27, 2005
Pronounced (Fell-lay-hay-low)
Portmanteau of fellatio and halo.

To receive oral sex while playing Halo or any video game. Particularly an online first person shooter.
Tom: are you alright betty?
Betty: yeah tom i gagged when you flinched
Tom: sorry i got hit with a grenade while you gave me fellahalo
by Thomas Coleman December 07, 2007
Something punk rock wannabe tools say, to bad it happens to be an Oxymoron.
Tool 1: (Spray painting a red A) Anarchy Rules!

Tool 2: Yeah lets go listen to Panic! and some indie like fall out boy.

Tool 3: I think my scene chick girl friend is cheating on me with her drug dealer. But who cares Anarchy Rules!
by Thomas Coleman November 24, 2007
A nanerpus is a hybrid between an octopus and a banana.


It dwells on the top of pancake stacks where it sings and dances.

Rivals include godzilla and christian bale.

A large majority of the nanerpuse's (or nanerpi's) religion happen to be pastafarianists.

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH nanapuss. warning this is not something you want resting on your pancakes.

While I was going to get syrup for my pancakes and when i returned I noticed a nanerpus had claimed my stack as its new home.
by Thomas Coleman February 19, 2009

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