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Cumming Soon! Porn Hero by SexActivision! Available soon on Horny's Porn Station 3, The Nindildo DP, and Microsoftie's SexBox 369.
The latest video game from SexActivision. Cums with 3 different peripherals. One is a Pocket Pussy controller for him or her. One is a controller in the shape of a Dildo for the lady or man of the house. The other one combines the features of both for that truly confused friend that pops in every once in a while. Use your chosen controller to "swing" your way through various porno scenes with caricatures of all your favorite porno stars! Get that Cock Meter at a high level! Get ready to Pull-Off and Shake your Whammy Bar to activate the Porn Star Power! Lick 50 clits in a row and behold as your controller performs it's finishing move that we call the Money Shot! Hold tight as your Pocket Pussy quivers violently in your hands, screams like a wild Banshee while it emits ear shattering moaning and shreaking noises! Duck as the Dildo controller get cocked and loaded, takes aim and shoots an impressive load all over your brand new 52" LCD HDTV. Get a mop ready drop the Tranny controller and run for cover as it turns on itself and fucks until it explodes into a gooey gooey mess!

Be on the lookout for future SexActivision Porn Hero titles.
Porn Hero: The 70's
Porn Hero: The 80's
Porn Hero: The 90's
Porn Hero: John Holmes
Porn Hero: Ron Jeremy
Porn Hero: Jenna Jameson
Porn Hero III: Legends Of Cock
by Thomas Bahamas December 03, 2008

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