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2 definitions by Thomas B. Perry

1.)A presidential election that is based loosely on the idea that you can trust any political party to gather and present unbiased facts logistically concerning the outcome of a Vote Count.
2.)Any election that relys on political honesty or integretiy for anything more serious than a bowel movement.
3.)All elections that use any public or paid media to spread "News" of results.
1.)The Y2K Presidential Election, during which a president was appointed by Supereme Court Judges, rather than a Vote Count or an Electoral College decision.
2.)The 2004 Election in which all News Casters wore Red to signify the Republican Colors BEFORE the vote had even been counted, Meanwhile denying that it had anything to do with the desired outcome of the election.
3.)The 2004 election again, which demonstrates an even Broader gap between the Popular and Electoral Vote count.
by Thomas B. Perry November 03, 2004
1.) An individual with Political delusions of godhood and an aptitude for stultifying the public mentality.

2.) A President(usually but not necessarily male) with a penis resembling an over grown Idaho russet spud, who finds great glee in applying the fore mentioned member(with waxy petroleum lubrication) . To: Rednecks of any ethnic or racial persuasion who happen to mistake their wives for a hat. All persons who fill the description of "Yes Men" "Rah Rah" boys/girls or Latas (former word donated by W.S. Burroughs). Also, pore,pour,poor people, Who have not the intestinal fortitude to "get the f' out and vote", for an honest "Human Peoples" president.

3.) An over grown Idaho Russet Spud, used occasionally in lesbian or homosexual sex rituals. Usually, these are washed, sliced, JoJo fried and fed to Politicians as retribution. See: Dicktator1&2
1.) Momma, dat man has a Dicktaters tastes fo sho', you see what he done to them Arabian fellas and they oil feilds?

2.) "and then the bastard split me open like a woods beaver in loggin' season him with a Dicktater the size of an elephant tool."

3.) Individuals like the Bushes, Huseins, Bin Laudins, Pol Pots, Markos, Muselinis, Francos, Hitlers, and Gengis Khans, are all Dicktaters.
by Thomas B. Perry November 04, 2004