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Really Really Really Effing Cold.
DC:Where do you go to school? CT:Northern Michigan University! DC: WOW i hear it's cold there? CT: That is an understatement... In the coldest parts of winter I went to class and then 50 min later I was walking back to the dorms in three feet of snow ....
by Thomas, Chris July 20, 2006
dc is normally a gentle creature which keeps to itself, but after the cocktail a modern day dr.jackel and mr.hide.. the once quiet creature goes on random bursts of rage, smashing things, throwing beer on carpets, falling down stairs and yelling. it has been come to be known as dc rex
if you come in contact with dc rex, run. the cocktail is as follows: 1 bottle of mexican tequilla (with worm), numerous shots of grey goose vodka, and beer.
by Thomas, Chris July 20, 2006
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