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Basically, it's like normal countdown, only it's played on the street. It can get very cold.
I challenge you to a game of street countdown!
by This_Is_Not_A_Name July 04, 2010
To talk really fast but with regular longish pauses.
'I... wannastopthosecriminals...but...ireallycantdoanythingaboutit'
'Wow, you talk in Clegg speak'
by This_Is_Not_A_Name April 19, 2010
When a picture is SO good, it is called a profile pic
by This_Is_Not_A_Name April 19, 2010
Tautological phrase meaning a hazard that potentially causes danger. This phrase is often used for petty dangers/hazards rather than extreme ones.
'Pick that blanket up off the floor, it's a danger hazard!'
by This_Is_Not_A_Name July 06, 2013
A masochistic sexual act in which can be anal, oral or vaginal.
In the oral version, the giver has to have just eaten something spicy like a vindaloo, before giving the receiver oral. The time is normally accounted for.
In the anal and vaginal version, curry/chili powder is rubbed into the penis/anus/vagina before intercourse. Normally, sex stops before the climax because of the pain.
You're buying a lot of Curry powder... how come?
Me and my partner are planning to cook the currywurst tonight!
by This_Is_Not_A_Name March 24, 2012
When a General Knowledge quiz etcet have answers that require a lot of depth, it can be just called 'Knowledge' since the generality is lost.
Not looking forward to this weekend, the infamous Tennis Club General Knowledge Quiz is happening, and my brother and sister-in-law and wife all want to go.
You mean the 'Knowledge' quiz?
by This_Is_Not_A_Name March 24, 2012
When something annoys you, it disassembles your scaffolding. If your scaffolding has been disassembled, it can mean you're in a bad mood.
Do you know what really disassembles my scaffolding? Pigeons. They disassemble scaffolding for a lot of people, I know, but they truly disassemble mine. Fucking pigeons!
by This_Is_Not_A_Name March 24, 2012

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