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Mcfly are a rubbish boyband (yes the new breed of pop punk boyband disguised as a guitar band) with absolutely no musical talent whatsoever, who are loved purely on the basis that they are famous and are 4 young guys in a band, and therefore, the impressionable female sheep of the United Kingdom go ga ga over them.

The ugliest member (one of the ugliest guys on the planet, huge jaw freaky face etc), Tom Fletcher, has accomplished the jaw dropping feat of sounding even worse than he looks whilst he "attempts" to put on a vocal performance.

They are very very crap, and their popularity amongst young girls serves as evidence that teenage females have absolutely no taste in music, of men (sorry sorry young boys) whatsoever. This puts regular young guys into a state of depression, because they know that whilst they are better looking, more intelligent and way more charismatic than these intellectually challenged little geeks, they can never compare because they lack that integral attribute of being attractive to girls - the aphrodisiac that is fame

The really hilarious thing is, that the band's true heart throb, Harry Judd, receives very little attention because he is the drummer and thus in the background, whilst the band's so called "hunk" (Danny Jones) has a formidable monkey resemblance and is constantly flattered by the girls, despite being ugly as fuck and inferior physically to both Judd, and bass player Dougie Poynter.

Whilst how ugly or how they are is a matter of opinion (although their biased fans who would think they were hot if they had no teeth and dressed in bin bags views are null and void), what isn't is that they are completely talentless.

That is a fact, not open for discussion.

Danny and Tom are both mingers, and if they weren't on Mcfly most of these girls who claim to "love" them (so fucking ridiculous) in all likelihood wouldn't give them a glance in the street.
Sarh : "Did you see Mcfly last night, OMFG they are sooo hott and they rawk!!"

Sane person with a sense of perspective : "Shut the fuck up you fucking media loving tramp"
by ThisAllSucks August 04, 2007

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