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particularly uninteresting, perhaps even ugly car.
"Okay, let me show you how to drive this crap box." -Bart Simpson, "The Simpsons Game"
#car #ride #hoopty #whip #machine #chick car #eurotrash #midlife crisis
by This hour has 42 minutes June 20, 2009
The opposite of a fortune cookie, instead of telling you your fortune, it offers a bit of philosophical wisdom. Usually, it's a heavy disappointment.
A wisdom cookie would say: "You have a zest for the finer things in life," as opposed to "You will have full contentment by summer's end".
#fortune cookies #fortune cookie wisdom #philosophy #chinese #takeaway
by This hour has 42 minutes June 02, 2009
From the 80s quiz show "Press Your Luck", used to refer to a complete and utter failure; an epic fail
#1: I just lost the big account deal today.
#2: Oohh... stop at a whammy.
#whammy #failure #fail #epic fail #owned
by This hour has 42 minutes June 19, 2009
The movement of both the radio and retail industry that will see stores set up for the holiday season and radio stations blare out Christmas music 24/7 usually starting around Halloween.
What's up with all the preemptive Christmas? Walmart's setting up trees, and I haven't gone trick-or-treating yet!
#holidays #christmas #november #thanksgiving #christmas creep
by This Hour Has 42 Minutes November 02, 2009
"Same time, same channel." Used to refer to a future event that will take place at or around the same time and place as a present event
Thanks for coming out to this week's bowling tournament. We'll be back next week, STSC.
#stss #same time #same channel #next time #holla
by This Hour Has 42 Minutes September 25, 2009
The daytime syndicated version of the American adaptation of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire".
Thanks for watching the Noon News. SyndiBAM is next.
#quiz show #millionaire #final answer #wwtbam #game show
by This Hour Has 42 Minutes August 25, 2009
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