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An annoying tween-pop band that seems to be everywhere; on your tv, supermarket magazine racks, your neighbor's little daughter's backpack, youtube, myspace, etc. They define themselves as "rock" and to their fans, they are "soooooooo cute, smexy, hot, funny, like omj random!! and adorable and sweet and inspiring.

To those of us with an actual musical taste buds and judgment, they make them, well, literally gag.

LOOKS: The Jonas Brothers have the tendency to dress up in brightly colored skinny jeans wow, this will make us look cool and unique!!, awkward vests, and shirts with sleeves rolled up to add the manly effect, usually accessorized by hats, bracelets, and rings. All three have the habit to squint at the camera in pictures for no apparent reason.

Ability: The youngest one, Nick Jonas, sounds like a frog was shoved down his throat and is trying to nurse it back up his throat by squealing followed by occasional yelps that sound like dying pigs. Joe Jonas' voice is still stuck in between in that awkward stage of developing is vocal cords. Kevin Jonas is always seen strumming a guitar even though he plays no role in the band.

Fan Base: Annoying girls who only think they know what the "JB" is really about: inspiration, friendliness, blahblah. But they don't know without Disney channel, the JB wouldn't be anywhere.

Overall, this so-called-band doesn't deserve all the fame and money. Fans need to start growing up and listening to real music, real bands.

FAN: omj!! nick is soooooooo cute. - mrs nick jonas!!
FAN2: OMJJJJ i loveeeeee joe he is so funny!!!?!!!

The Jonas Brothers are yet another result of the tween pop sensations of the extremely greedy Disney channel empire.

by This Spork August 14, 2008
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