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One of the nation's best high schools, ranked at #98 in the nation. We may not be too good in football, track or most other fall or winter sports, but we wreck in wrestling, lacrosse and tennis. in fact, we are godly at lacrosse.

We do come from wealthy families, but kids here mind their own business and won't pick on you unless you're an idiot that tries to stand out. The girls here aren't all plastic. Like any other school, we have the plastic hoes, the pretty, genuine girls, the ugly girls, etc.

Our rival is McLean.
Man, I really wish we could win states in lacrosse, but we had the misfortune to be in the same state as Langley.

Fuck, Langley High School just won wrestling districts for the 12th year in a row. This is embarrassing.

Langley High School won in tennis again? I thought TJ was supposed to be good.

We may smoke weed, but at Langley High School, we get into Ivy League schools anyways.
by This Is Saxon Country May 25, 2012

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