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The hot girl, who's always peppy in situations. In school, she might be the cheerleader.
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Tumminello
by This Girl Right Here! July 06, 2012
U (You)
Me: Hey, what's up?
Me: Same
by This Girl Right Here! July 06, 2012
Shy, dorky, but fun in her own way. She's smart and tends to her own mind. She has lots of friends in the "nerdy, quiet group". She's pretty nice and friendly but unrecognized by a lot of popular people, but isn't exactly hated by anyone, either. She's up for anything and almost never hates others, but rather might "dislike" someone because of something reasonable. She's not "cool", but definitely not "school's most hated" either!
You: Who are you with for the science project? I'm paired up with that girl who never talks in the corner of the class.
Me: Her? She's a Jenna. Don't worry, she's not the worst one you can be partnered up with.
by This Girl Right Here! July 06, 2012

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