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Some of my family. I just think that hick means a person who has grown up in a rural setting and it takes more than 20 miles from a city of 500,000 to be a hick...i mean...geez...thats near 50 percent or more people in the US that are hicks. Theres redneck and then there is a hick...and then a country bumpkin.
Did you know Montana doesnt even have a town with a population close to 500,000. The most populated town has around 100,000 living in it?
by This Guy November 22, 2003
a play on words meaning asymmetrical or no symmetry

related to antisymmetric
that pictograph is antisymmetrical
by this guy February 10, 2004
What the US Armed Forces went into Iraq looking for thinking that somehow they were going to diffuse a problem. The fact of the matter is that they just dont get that there will always be struggles in that part of the world because it dates back to Jesus times.
"Some peoples way of thinking is a weapon of mass destruction."
by This Guy November 22, 2003
(1) A reference to a person who chronically masturbates. (Also reffered to as "shining the berg")
(2) A term describing a maneuver where one inserts a thumb up their own anus.
(3) A Jew with hairy palms.

see "not straight"
Person 1: "Did you just catch a glimpse of that sheinberg over there?!"
Person 2: "What a stupid jew!"
by This guy November 18, 2003
Basically what we all are but tend to try to cover it up through high school for some damn reason. Also an affectionate term.
I am an unquestionable dork. But I kick ass.
by This Guy November 17, 2003
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