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When you contract a sexually transmitted disease from sharing a can of Nestea.

Note: Commonly mistaken for N.e.s.t.d. (When one contracts a sexually transmitted disease after sticking their penis in the slot of a Nintendo entertainment system.
"I went to a Cookout Saturday and Karen gave me a Nes.t.d.!"

If I only would have done the dew I wouldn't be stuck with this damn Nes.t.d..

It's a Nes.t.d.! Not a N.e.s.t.d.!...You know I only got gamecast!
by ThirstingForMen November 30, 2012
When a ugly woman has a face that makes you go... Sweet Jesus! what the hell are you?
A face that only a blind mother could love.
His new girlfriend had a Swee Face man! You should have seen it! I was all like Sweet Jesus! What happened to you? Did your face get into a fight with a weed eater as a kid?...I mean who bothered to spawn you and why?
by ThirstingForMen September 17, 2015
Commonly called bingo wings or upper arm fat, Sludge guns are when the area on a woman's upper arm between the elbow and shoulder are fat or chunky.
Even thin women can be inflicted Sludge guns.
When I'm at the beach I get sick and dizzy feeling because of all the sludge guns.

I went to bingo with my aunt last night...It was sludge gun mania!
by ThirstingForMen September 17, 2015
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