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The revengeful act of tricking your roomate into believing that you defecated on his chest. The act also requires a daily false statement for 4 months prior to the event notifying the victim that he will be defecated on. The hot curle requires that a few friends hold the victim down while warm oatmeal is applied to his chest. At the same time, someone must waft a container holding a piece of fecal matter (ex. wonton soup container) over the victim's nose to ensure he believes he has been deficated on.

The act first occured in March 2007 in Lexington, VA.
My roomate shaved my head for my birthday so I am going to give him a hot curle for his.
by Third Eye Bandito November 12, 2009
Lie-ons - noun- A spare pair of underwear carried around by a person that frequently defecates in one’s pants in inopportune places.
Had the man been carrying a Lyons with him at the Carolina Panthers game, a severe crisis could have been avoided.
by Third Eye Bandito November 12, 2009

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