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The cheapest, nastiest wh*re in town (or neighborhood if in a larger city). Derived from Wal*Mart, with its "Lower Prices. Always." slogan and the filth that work & shop there.
Peter: Hey, there's Louisa on the corner! Geez, I wish I had $5.00, being a 72 year old quadriplegic, alcoholic virgin and all I don't see why I couldn't get some.

Ace: You're nasty. That wally b*tch got more crust than pizza. I'd rather die a virgin than hit it.
by Thinks With Other Head October 04, 2006
The cheapest, dirtiest scab crustiest whore on the block.

Derivative of Wal*Mart's "Low Prices" slogan and cheap ass merchandise.
Kevin: Dan'o here digs that Wally bitch down the way.

Keith: Fuck, I wouldn't hit that shit with a 10 foot gallawhacker.
by Thinks With Other Head October 03, 2006
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