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1 definition by Thinkforaliving

Republican Logic:
1. The belief that everything is black and white

2. That taxes are "punishment"

3. Differences in governance justify massive wars in other countries

4. Invading other countries and exposing it's citizens to extreme violence is an example of "Liberation"

5. All poor people are addicts and did not work as hard as the rich people who inherited most of their riches.

6. The soultion to illegal immigration constitutes putting landmines on the border instead of targeting the reason why people are immigrating

7. Healthcare is a privelage only to people who can afford it and people without "preexisting conditions", unless they are rich and/or famous.

8. This list goes on but my free time doesn't
Examples of Republican Logic:
1. Rush limbaugh said I disagree with Obama's policies, therefore he is a north Korean Zulu who wants to take our guns away.
2. I hate taxes! They were just made to make me suffer for having a greater amount of money that could be used to finance schools.
3. I don't think France rules the right way. Let's invade them.
4. It doesn't matter if they get bombed on everyday! At least the government that we disagreed with is gone.
5. Why should us rich people give to the poor? It's their fault that their corrupt bosses fired them to keep their wage.
6. We have to stop illegal immigration by any means possible! Except by helping them find comfort in their own country.
7. Poor people deserve no healthcare because if they get help it's socialism!
8. I didn't even mention their obsession with guns!
by Thinkforaliving June 16, 2010
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