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East Islip is very wealthy town located on the south shore of Long Island. Almost everyone who lives in East Islip owns boats, jet-skis and have really nice cars. Many of the people who live there are not "stuck up". Everyone lives very comfortably and enjoys what they have without feeling the need to boast in other people's faces about how much money they have. Most of the homes south of Mountauk Highway, primarily Hollins Lane, Dock Rd, Bayview Avenue, Deer Run, Percy Williams and the Moorings are large luxurious homes and mansions. East Islip is located right on the Great South Bay which is were a lot of families dock their boats and travel to Fire Island and other surrounding areas frequently during the summer months. East Islip is a great place to grow up and live.
East Islip- "A community by the bay."
by ThinkeXsist April 26, 2012
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