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Group of boys who are behaving in a way intimidating to earn respect. They have a popularity because of their bad attitudes, but generally are not liked, only respected. There are many types of mean boys cliques, usually can be:

Jokes: They use "boys agression" (direct harm and physical attacks ) to manipulate others ( aggressively and directly )

Preppy Boys: Although they are boys,they use "girls agression" (nasty comments, trickery, deceit, excluding people from events, spreading rumors, stealing girlfriends, etc.) to manipulate others ( indirectly and Falsely ), like the Mean Girls ( movie ). They are not supposed to hurt, so they are differents of the jokes.

Gangs: They use the same way like jokes, usually with a criminal popularity.

The system is different depending on the school, and there are many fights with the differents mean boys cliques.

"Those mean boys are always fighting with each other. They're fakes""They are like mean gilrs... Gays""That gang is getting drugs""I loved Regina in Mean Girls"
by Thi May 12, 2008

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