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THat really hot girl that is like uber smart and would so whip your butt in a debate. She sees the world as it is, a messed up place, and she analyzes it accordingly, finding many faults and always coming with some reply. She also cannot be match with in a duel of wits. So dont try.
~Dude...that 10 year old girl just showed me up. She must be a Katavah.
-How old are you?
~27 man!!`
-Yeah, she is a Katavah.
by The~Long~Strider May 03, 2005
A fight between people regarding and such topic as fighting over meaningless and un-important things that will not greatly alter your life in any way form or matter.
There was a cuffuffal because she found out that her co-employee got 3 more cents then her. Worthless. They are both in the hospital because of htey started at it.
by The~Long~Strider May 02, 2005

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