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Processed BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude yesterday i found glass in my cheeses burger at mcdonalds.
#bullshit #gross #nasty #disgusting #ewww
by TheyCallMeBanana July 07, 2011
The best High School in the world. (Also known as OCSA) Located in Kissimmee Florida,Right on OBT aka STRIPPER STREET!! (;
Sara: Hi im Sara I go to OHS where do you go?
Sam: I go to The Osceola County School for the Arts
Sam: *erie grin*
#ocsa #osceola county #awesome #high school #kissimmee
by TheyCallMeBanana July 07, 2011
The home of the best school in the world THE OSCEOLA COUNTY SCHOOL FOR THE ARTS. Osceola High School is only called the best by the people who go there to make themselves feel better. If you can drive down the street and see a cow you're in Kissimmee.You could walk all of Kissimmee in a day or a few hours.(Depending on how lazy you are.)
Bob: (calls Phil on the phone) dude im lost.

Phil: Okay take a left at the cow field and past the other cow field and you should see his house.

Ahh Kissimmee ..
#osceola county school for arts #kissimmee #cow #lost #field
by TheyCallMeBanana July 07, 2011
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