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abrv. for "the full ogle." The foggle is a prolonged stare in which the stare-er is so wrapped` up in the ogle, that he (foggler is usually male) does not do "the look away" should his subject notice it. It is usually reserved for persons who are ridiculously out of the foggler's league. The foggle almost never leads to positive contact with its subject, and therefore should never be used a pick-up tool. May lead to altercations.
Girl-"Hey asshole, stop staring at me!"
The Friend-"Dude, you just got caught in the foggle!"
The Foggler-"I know, but did you see that rack? Damn!"
by They call me "The Kid" December 02, 2007
noun. a degree of attractiveness that is strongly influenced by the relationship of the subject's looks compared to those in proximity.
"I am totally into Peg from accounting."
"Ugh? She's totally hot!"
"Total situational man, if you saw her out a club, you wouldn't give her a second glance."
by They call me "The Kid" December 02, 2007
(verb) to clean up a situation, to make shit that is out-of-hand wrong, right again.

origin: Pulp Fiction character portrayed by Harvey Kietel "You ain't got no problem, Jules. I'm on the motherfucker. Go back in there, chill them niggers out and wait for the Wolf who should be coming directly."
"She walked right in on us, I don't think I'm going to be able to wolf this one."
by They call me "The Kid" December 02, 2007

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