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A really awesome musical instrument that clarinetists pick up for two seconds, make a duck-like noise, and put down, saying that it is too hard. The annoying ones, however, make a nasty sound and say "Look, I can play it. It's not actually the hardest instrument ever." Seriously, though, it is so hard to play the oboe. You have the double reed, all the doo-hickey keys, and the half-hole that just make oboists constantly want to kill themselves. When played well it is absolutely gorgeous, but it is incredibly hard to become a master of the oboe.
Clarinetist: Ooh! Can I play your oboe really quick?
Oboist: Okay, sure.
Clarinetist: *makes an awful noise* See! Everyone says oboe is so hard but I bet I could be as good as you in about two weeks since our instruments are kind of similar.
by Thetyler November 02, 2008

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