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N. To create a impact and influence a direction or outcome.

V. creased, creas·ing, creas·es
"Wow! You made a creased my decision, thank God!"

"You creased my way of thinking"
by Thesmartone February 18, 2012
A guy who gets girls by knowing his own feelings and being able to sympathize with girls and their problems. Also being able to see from a girls point of view, sometimes guys with a lot of gayme look from the point of view of a girl so much that they don't get why they do things girls think are "evil" and "insensetive".

Gayme is usually pronounced gaaaaaayme with the a stretched.
person1: Look at that dumbass over there talking to that girl and crying on her shoulder, he has gayme.

person2: yeah, what a loser.
by thesmartone March 31, 2007

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