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Virtually the only good death metal band in existance.
I'm dead serious!!!
The ONLY good death metal band.
Me: Yay I love Death.
The only good death metal band ever.

Death Metal Moron: Wat abt Cannimibal Courpse?!

Me: Cannibal Corpse is effing gay.

Death Metal Moron: I'll rip out yer putrid maggot nfestid ientestines and forse you to have gehy sexxx with ur preachrs corpse.

Me: Dude you are a fucking moron.
by TheskycrysasheS March 29, 2009
An overrated guitarist that would get absolutely destroyed by a lot of today's guitarists.

Also comparing him to Stevie Ray Vaughan is like comparing platinum to crap, Stevie being the platinum and Jimi being the crap of course.
Jimi Hendrix did not do anything special with his guitar, people only thing he did special things because he played with his teeth and lit his guitar on fire.
It's such a pity that so many people are so ignorant to think that he's the "Greatest".

Me: Stevie Ray Vaughan was the greatest guitarist ever.

Ignorant Fool: No Jimi Hendrix was.

Me: Really? Is that why Stevie Ray Vaughan did Jimi Hendrix covers that are way better than the originals plus his own original songs that are also better.

Ignorant Fool: Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jimi Lit his guitar on fire.

Me: You're a flippen idiot.

Ignorant Fool: No you.
by TheskycrysasheS April 04, 2009

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