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This word has multiple definitions:
1. An extremely annoying person.
2. A queer person who isnt gay but acts queer.
3. A dumbass with shitty comebacks.
4. An asshole.
5. A handsome penis.
1. Joe: I cannot stand kyle, hes so freaking annoying!
Fred: I know! Hes quite penisy.
2. Jacob: alec wanted to play the nervous game with me and i was like... No.
Sean: hes sooo penisy
3. Ex boyfriend: Shannon, i hate you. You should like die and get killed by a car.
Shannon: (to friend) my ex is so penisy!
4. Bully: karen your so fat and ugly you dont deserve to live.
Karen: god why are you so penisy?
5. Penis: do you think im handsome
Vagina: very much so baby. You are extremely penisy!;)
by Thesillydumplingkid June 29, 2012

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