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6 definitions by Theropod

Midnight showing on the day of release of a highly-anticipated film, typically of the science-fiction/fantasy genre.
"I'd like one adult ticket to the Early Nerd Special of 'Star Wars Episode 3'."
by Theropod March 10, 2004
Irrational fear or paranoia.
"I don't know why you have a password on your screen saver, Bob. It's not like there's an army of ninjas waiting in the air ducts to steal your porn."
by Theropod March 10, 2004
When a parent puts unreasonable pressure on their child to participate in some extracirricular activity.
"Do you think Tiger really WANTED to play golf, or was he jonbeneted into it?"
by Theropod March 10, 2004
Benign, but generally useless.
"Merry and Pippin are all-right fellows, but they do little more than gathering firewood."
by Theropod March 10, 2004
Sbarro Pizza.
I don't have to be back at the store until 3. Wanna go pick up some Bizarropizza?
by Theropod March 10, 2004
A butt that's so big, it looks like it was computer-animated.
Maaaaaan, her ass is so big, it's GOTTA be CG!!!
by Theropod April 26, 2004