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6 definitions by Thermos

Wrote a poem which seemed to be about homosexual fascination with a co-worker but was really about a sandwich.
bet no-one put one in for me, did they?!
by Thermos February 24, 2004
SADCHUB celebrity. See also Dong, Neato, and Non-Faggot.
"Alright listen here, buster. I do NOT have an accent. In fact, Americans speak Jesuses' English. Unlike you foreigners. Yeah. That's right."
by Thermos February 24, 2004
Killdozer is a god among men.
I don't anexample, I just said he was a god among men.

SADCHUB loves you Killdozer! You'll always be demolishing in our hearts!
by Thermos June 05, 2004
One of the better Transformers. Now retired and residing in the SADCHUBhome for the elderly.
"Shit I left a poo stain on my wife once."
by Thermos February 24, 2004
The only op on SADCHUB I'm not afraid to talk to. 14/f/japan no bakas ^____^
"Your absence has caused the hub to degenerate into a negro-filled e-detroit."
by Thermos February 24, 2004
Has had sex with your deceased grandmother.
"Her cunt tasted like SKELETONS."
by Thermos February 24, 2004