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A cool guy with a wafro and a Noah beard who invented a supposedly wonderful system called communism. Unfortunately this doesnt work for a couple reasons-
-Dipshits like Stalin tried to seize absolute power within communist nations; which, of course, corrupts absolutely.
-There are too many assholes for communism to work, and large amounts of people don't like to co-operate.
-"The modern eduction system is a bastardisation of Marxist theory, warped into a sickening variation of a dictatorship."

by theresnofreenamesonUD March 12, 2008
Infinity is what primary school kids and barely numerate people consider to be the biggest number; but in fact has no finite numerical value.
Guy1:"Wait, so you mean 'infinity' isn't finite?"
Guy2:"Yeah, it's pretty much in-finite."
Guy1:"So... infinity is the biggest number?"
Guy2:"You're really fuckin' stupid."
*Guy2 pulls out a revolver and puts a round between Guy1's eyes.*
by TheresnofreenamesonUD March 07, 2008
The name of the awkward action when your erection presses up against the front of your trousers, forcing you to lean forward.
Jane: Hey, are you looking at my tits?
John: N-no, I just...er...
Jake: Aw no man, you got some serious boner lean right there.
*John Straightens up*
John: ...anyone have a tissue?
by theresnofreenamesonUD March 01, 2008
Universal media disk- psp game format with a self-contradictory name.
Ironically, the universal media dik isn't even compatible internationally, let alone universally.
Howard: hey, check it out; when i was in japan i got a UMD game for my psp.
Steve: oh cool.
*puts game in psp*
*psp explodes*
Steve: that'll show you for buying that piece of shit.
by theresnofreenamesonUD March 22, 2008
Usually called a full stop, or simply a stop, this symbol is used to signify the end of a sentence.

NB Sometimes known as a "period".
Check out the crazy ending of this sentence.

Teacher: "Jane, you've missed your periods in this essay. Maybe you should look at Jenny's work, she's got periods all over the paper."
by theresnofreenamesonUD March 15, 2008
The cultural revolution of the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately this hasn't happened yet, but will hopefully involve something out of V for Vendetta
Some dude: "Hey, the whole government sucks in almost every way imaginable."
Me: "Yeah, I know. We need a British Revolution involving riots and Guy-Fawkes masks."
by theresnofreenamesonUD February 24, 2008
1. Slang for a vagina, specifically a hairy one.

2. George W. Bush, President of the United States of America.

Both have been known to smell strongly of fish, and to secrete various fluids. Both may also be used as insults.
1. "That chick's bush is so hairy you could cover the ceiling in velcro and she'd stick"
2. When I take over the world, Bush will be the first to die.
by theresnofreenamesonUD March 27, 2008
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