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12 definitions by Theresa

the frequent inflamation of the colon.
the child has chronic colitis.
by theresa August 16, 2004
9 4
The quantity 1.75 grams of cocaine.
How much blow should we get, man?

A teenager.
by Theresa March 06, 2005
42 41
herself: a)a girl who is never looked up to others b)unique c)never wanted to be like others
That girl always acts like herself.
by Theresa April 08, 2004
3 3
something that hasn't existed for a long period of time, it is fresh, not old
hey look at these brand new muffins i just baked them now!
by Theresa July 03, 2004
55 56
a snobby person. male or female now humbled
Martha Stewart has emerged a mensch.
by Theresa March 04, 2005
22 337