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Three squigglies following each other can mean many things. It is similar to meep, as it can mean many things, usually positive or neutral things like: Hello, yes, maybe, agreed, or it can just be used at random to fill silent chat rooms. It is also used to repeat what someone said earlier without being repetitive.
Do not attempt to pronounce in real life.
1. "Hey guys! I'ts my birthday today!"
"Omg! Happy b-day!"
"Happy birthday dude."
"Happy birthday!"

2. "Hey Joe."

3. "I think we should work on our strategy..."
by Therarpar March 16, 2012
A sort of expression that is said in certain families that usually mean a very short period of time, because one or more family members use a very excessive amount of toilet paper.
Joe: I bought some bacon. Gonna be delicious
Ben: Why? It's only gonna last for the rest of the toilet roll. Zoe's gonna eat it all.
by Therarpar January 07, 2012
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