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3 definitions by Thequick

A loot and scoot is basically a one night stand. You loot the booty and scoot scoot scoot away.
Guy 1: Did you hook up with that one girl last night?
Guy 2: Emily? Yeah I took her home.
Guy 1: You going to see her again?
Guy 2: Nah, it was a loot and scoot.
by Thequick April 21, 2008
Lukewarm diarrhea is the exact opposite of hot shit.
You think you're hot shit but you're more like lukewarm diarrhea.
by Thequick April 24, 2008
A deli platter is a multi-ethnic meat selection.

See gangbang.
Guy: hey baby, how about you, me, and 2 of my friends get a deli platter?
Girl: Um, so like ... a gangbang?
Guy: Yeah but with better variety.
Girl: OK!
by Thequick April 07, 2008