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3 definitions by TheoraJones

Any accessory item purchased or obtained for use during sex (schoolgirl-style miniskirts, fuzzy handcuffs, marshmallow-flavoured body powder).
"I heard he had a slight schoolgirl fetish, so before we hooked up, I had to go shopping for fuccessories."
by TheoraJones June 29, 2012
Moving your vehicle just a bit forward when stopped at a red light, like as if the light had turned green. The purpose of triggerfooting to see if the stupid people in the car next to you will put their foot on the gas before they look at the light. Ideally, the person who has been triggerfooted will start to go, and then immediately slam their foot on the brakes.
"I'm going to triggerfoot that foo in the red porsche. Watch this".
by theorajones January 08, 2008
The state of being angry and horny at the same time. The desire to bang the angry out.
"Listen, we've both had a terrible day, but I'm incredibly bangry. Shall we adjourn to the bedroom?"
by TheoraJones June 29, 2012