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4 definitions by Theofrid

1. Commonly known as Benefit, Plan, Option, and Formula.

2. To reign supreme over all things dealing with Health and Welfare software programming.
Yo son! You just got bpof'd!
by Theofrid February 15, 2008
Whenever you order a water at a restaurant that allows you to dispense your own drink, and you sneakily and illegally fill up with a beverage that costs money.
Flee!!! I got an illegal refill and the crazy looking cashier from Quiznos is after us with his bread slicing tool.
by Theofrid April 10, 2008
01: Reasonable grounds for belief that someone named Rob has done something wrong.

02: Reasonable grounds for belief that a Rob is subject to arrest.

03: Reasonable grounds for belief that Rob may be subject to the issuance of a warrant.
We have Robable cause to believe that it was Rob ran over the lady in the elevator.
by Theofrid February 15, 2008
Otherwise known as Lunch Hot Spot. This is typically chosen by the coolest of the cool. It changes daily typically between Wendy's, Hardees, Quizno's, Shane's Rib Shack, Monster Slice, Mc D's, and Taco Bell.
Dude 1 - 'LHS?'
Dude 2 - 'Wendy's'
by Theofrid February 20, 2008