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Someone who loves sucking dick so much that they cannot see beyond its base. They don't care who it attached to, they just love to suck on cock. They are blind to everything that happend around them with the exception of cock sucking.
He walked into a dark room, and found someone willing to suck on his cock. He walked out, never turning on a light never knowing who that person was.

A blind cocksucker can stumble past piles of gold, money and other riches, but all they see is the end of the dick that they will stick into their mouth.

They walk around blind in this world, but all they care about is dick. They are as blind as a cocksucker.
by Theodore R. Hazen February 29, 2008
A person who sees the world though a very small opening. it is this opening by which only shit comes out, and the world is trying to fuck them though. A person who cannot see or is open to any other possibilities or ideas. They are in a rut, and most of the time they cannot see what is happening around them because they seem to be wedged between the shit trying to get out, and the dick trying to get in.
I have doing anything with Steve! He is such a fag hole. That fag hole is such a downer to every thing we do.
by Theodore R. Hazen February 29, 2008
Back in the 1800's the Germans who lived in Central Pennsylvania, were gullible. They were so easily duped, deceived, or cheated because they believed what people told them.
So some of the people in New York City would say to their friends or in letters to their friends, that it about time to go to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and "Lift Germany!" They are so trusting, naive, and innocent these speakers of Germany. They will swallow anything.
by Theodore R. Hazen September 03, 2008
A Southern, South Carolina term for saying fuck in public or with others in your church group
All the Minister is interested in is fricking and chicken. Once we paid the money to buy the minister that big expensive car all he cares about is fricken and chicken.
by Theodore R. Hazen March 06, 2008

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