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2 definitions by Theodore Crispin

The act of having sex with another person's armpit. Penetrating the faux orifice, made by the partner clinching the armpit tight to his/her body.
The young couple agreed not to have pre-marital sex so she agreed to letting him hit that pit-puss.
by Theodore Crispin November 23, 2010
at the time of climax during sex, the male extracts and deposits on face, back, belly, etc. As the payload lands the male dusts the covered area with glitter(preferably gold) and yells "pot o gold".
The young boy seemed puzzled as his sister ran frantically into the bathroom, and he asked her boyfriend as he came out of her bedroom, " why was she so mad about being all shiny?". The boyfriend replied " she's not mad, she just found the end of the rainbow."
by Theodore Crispin February 23, 2011