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The wrong way to spell budussy. Or bodussy (both pronounced the same way).

Spelled by white people from the suburbs that just heard it before and ran to urbandictionary.com with excitement to tell everyone about this new word they heard.

Because it stands for butt/booty, dick, and pussy, there has to be a "B" somewhere. Common sense will tell you that.

Originally came from the movie "How To Be a Player" in 1997.
Tyler from Wisconsin heard someone say "budussy", so he jumped on his moms computer and went to urbandictionary.com to enter in "padussy."
by Theo Huxtable July 12, 2005
when you have diarrhea so bad that it feels like you are pissing out of your asshole, then you look in the toilet and it looks like the black hole.
Chuck: "Are you pissing in there man, what's taking you so long?"
Frostbite: "No dude, i got me a big helpin of black water, damn those chimichangas!"
by theo huxtable April 20, 2004
To "bag," or "bagging". To crack jokes by insulting someone or their mother. I believe this is West Coast oriented, as I grew up in Los Angeles hearing this term, but in the military I met people from other regions of the nation who never heard this. But people from California knew what "bagging" meant. Most called it "jone-ing". See dozens, dirty dozens, jone.
Oh, you wanna bag? Yo momma so fat, she's on both sides of the family!
by Theo Huxtable May 08, 2004

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