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2 definitions by ThendofReason

when someone acts extremely nice to someone just because of they are famous, rich, in a high position, mostly so they can in return get something from them.

To act submissively or obsequiously in order to gain favor.

When you see a celeberty on the street and you go up to them and start complementing them just because they are famous.
Here let me get that for you, anything else I can get for you. You know i don't want to be pole jock'n or nothing, but anything you need just holla.
by ThendofReason November 06, 2007
10 1
to diss, to rank, to own your ass
"I'm about to gun you!"
"I am about to rank your shity self"
or "In another second I am going to make fun of you"

first- "I'm about to gun you!"
second- "With your dirty ass shoes, and nappy ass weave"
by ThendofReason April 13, 2007
2 2