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Having a phobia of bogans. Being scared of bogans. Worried of bogans.
"I have boganphobia since I went to the pub"
by themysteriouswriter October 03, 2011
Sofia is a beautiful girl usually of latin decent. She is the most popular girl in school, but hates it. People often make quick judgements of her. She comes from a wealthy family who doesn't get along well and always seems to be fighting. Sofia has a amazing singing voice and a talent for writing. She has a big butt and a curvy body. Most girls are jealous of her and most guys love her. Sofia is a outgoing person who really wants to curl up in a ball. She holds her head up high and trys to be confident even though that's not really the case.
Guy1: Damn Sofias hot
Guy2: Ikr?! But everyone says shes a bitch
Guy1: Thats cause shes so spoiled
Guy2: I'd still tap that

Girl1: omg sofia is so pretty
Girl2: I hate her
Girl1:Me too
by Themysteriouswriter August 16, 2012

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