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3 definitions by Themistocles

One in adoration or in direct subjugation of the cock. Lover and tickler of the cock, the cockswain is subservient to the penis like a young sailor bound to a ship. Or one with the mental toughness to command a vessel. Used specifically in instances of sheer idiocy or submission.
Tybalt- "Drake, you are enthralled by that man's rod, i dare say you are a cockswain."
by Themistocles January 17, 2007
An expert in the area betwixt the anus and genitals that also is particularly outspoken in their art, so much so that they claim a self-declared royal authority of all things grundle-related.
Mercutio- "Bend thy back, and behold the grundleking!"
by Themistocles January 17, 2007
A vocation involving taint stimulation, sometimes in reference to a person or persons who truly work the taint for profit. Otherwise used slanderously to apply to underhanded individuals of low persuasion.
"Truly William, Alexander is a taintist of the highest order, for he fucked my mother, repeatedly."
by Themistocles January 17, 2007