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The main character from Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Sayonara Accademy of Despair. Usually shipped as Komahina with Komaeda. He is more cynical than Makoto Naegi from Dangan Ronpa 1 . He also has a cameo in Dangan ronpa: Another Episode as his other self.


Has an alternative identity named Izuru Kamakura which plays a major role in chapter 6 & 0. This later influenced how the mastermind came back in SDR2.
Hajime Hinata Is usually carrying orange juice in chapter 1. It has now became a meme of some sorts.
by TheMan.com June 29, 2015
N: A person who's only claim to fame is the over inflated view count on their blog.
Samantha Ronson thinks people care about what she says. In the end she's just a bloglebrity.
by Theman.com November 19, 2008
Canadian weapon of choice; used for evil
Tommy sought revenge on Sara, so in the dead of night, he crept into her room and patsystoned her.
by Theman.com March 23, 2007
Vommiting from the comsumption of too much Marijuana.
Bill smoked three bowls and a blunt and totally merfed man.
by Theman.com March 29, 2007
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