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1 definition by Thelonius

1. Lit. saurian considered emblematic of comedy, esp. puns and internet based humor. The common roflsaurus is known only to legend but is believed to average a meter and a half in height and to consume banned quotes off Their mating calls are said to sound like, "Roofle roofle" ergo the name roflsaurus.

2. Denigratory term for a Forensics speech delivery posture. The roflsaurus involves placing a brief on a table and then leaning over it for a delivery punctured by gestures made with clawlike hands.
Bckgrd. One internet savvy coach got annoyed and called a speech-giver "roflsaurus" referencing both his nickname and his position.
The San Jose zoo recently acquired a roflsaurus that was captured on slashdot.

Ray, stop doing the roflsaurus or I'll make you do another Congress brief.
by Thelonius May 24, 2004
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