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I red bloody shit stain left upon your underpants from eating to much Chipotle and farting.
Damn! I farted like twice today and it left this fucking disgusting chipotle stain on my underwear!
by Thejimjams December 12, 2010
When your listening to really cool music or really dirty dubstep and you begin to feel the tip of your penis get really hard and or you begin to get a hardcore orgasm.
Dude I was listening to this really sick song and had the most hardcore electric orgasm!
by Thejimjams December 12, 2010
1) Something that is absolute shit. The worst imaginable thing you have ever seen. It is commonly used to insult someone when they tell a very terrible joke or do something that can only be describes as diarrhea poo.

2) Chronic Diarrhea that causes terrible pain to your ass when coming out. It is slurpy and wet.
1) Jimmy: Hey guys look at this drawing of my mother I spent all last night drawing! What do you think?

Chuck: I think your drawing is absolute diarrhea poo!

2) Jimmy: OMG I went into Chris's bathroom last night after the party to find the grossest fucking diarrhea poo in the toilet. I nearly barfed.
by Thejimjams December 12, 2010

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