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When you get a promotion at your job however some aspect of it "Blows" such as getting paid less, crappy office (such as it being awkwardly placed, small, and or under construction), having to work longer or all of the above. The Blow part results in people saying "This Blows" When things are bad or worse then before.
Paul: So do you like your new promotion?
John: Well I get paid less, My Office is right next to the freeway, and I have to work for 18 hours a day.
Paul: Oh that Blows
John: Yep I got a blow-motion.
by Theblackness September 14, 2009
When one pretends to be asleep in order to refrain from doing something such as but not limited to Taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, walking the dog, or vacuuming.
Greg: Joe, why do you look so tired?

Joe: Because I decided to feign sleep in order to not walk the dog and ended up falling asleep at 6PM then woke up at 12AM and couldn't fall back asleep.
by theblackness June 07, 2010
bhatti boy is another name for gays, fags, or homos. Said mostly by Jamaicans or Jamaican Immigrates. Popularized in the U.K by Jamaican Immigrates and in the U.S by Ali G.

The boy can be replaced with girl to make it bhatti girl which is the same but for women.
AH look at dat bhatti boy ober der in da purple pants and da rainbow suspenders.
by Theblackness June 23, 2009

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