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The act of dubstep remixing a song from a genre other than dubstep. In doing so, an artist turns a non-dubstep song into a dubstep song. Often used in the past tense.
Tonight, I'm going to work on dubstepifying some Ludacris tracks.

Yo man, you have to listen to Caspa's dubstepified version of How Low by Ludacris. That track is sooo grimey.
by thebigdaddy July 05, 2010
A very short minute. Slightly longer than the New York minute. Time does fly when you are having fun.
Just give me a sex minute.

I hope I can last longer than just a few sex minutes.

Wow, those certainly were 10 sex minutes.
by thebigdaddy July 05, 2010
An adjective used to describe a great blog post or blog. Anything related to a blog or blog post that is terrific thus becomes, "blogerific."
Man, the Big Daddy's blog is so blogerific.
by thebigdaddy June 03, 2010
The term you use when you use the upper lining of your shorts/underwear/trousers to support your penis so as to conceal your early morning boner.
Used when you want to prevent awkward conversations with your parents/siblings or any other person around you when you wake up!
Jim: man how come you never get caught with a boner by your wife in the morning?

Tom: looks like you are unaware of the secrets of the invisiboner!
by Thebigdaddy February 01, 2013

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