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While having intercourse with a woman, the man ejaculates on the floor immediately rubbing the woman's face in it while shouting obscenities at her.
How about you and I head back to your place for a drink and a little Persian rug doctor?
by theben86 December 03, 2014
a motion and attitude used to mock someone. Usually involves making a goofy ass face and bobbing your head around.
He looked at Dave, Dave bent down and gave him the dirtiest Honky Knocker I have ever seen.
by theben86 March 11, 2009
(Noun) used to describe some idiot who works too hard with minimal outcome for his/her efforts. working long hours, no sleep, no money. just living a dumb ass life.
Sweet Life James, you work like a Portuguese hatmaker!
by theben86 October 18, 2009
(noun) equivalent to douche bag, a secretive word used to call someone a douche bag without confrontation.
Are we going to a movie? No, that Dizzle-bizzle Jordan has the tickets and he is at Larry's house.
by theben86 October 20, 2009
basically any dumbass Canadian. One whole Canadian or two there is no limit or regulation to the concept.
Hockey games have the highest volume of Canadian back stabbers.
by theben86 October 18, 2009

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