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The 44th President of the United States.
Get The Hell Off My Plane" - Harrison Ford. The President. The Man.
by the_masked_magician00 November 04, 2004
A motorcycle GANG that was started in California.
Fact- They defeated the whole entire LA Police Force in a 197? brawl.
Fact- They may be badasses, but! They can be so fucking kind as well, every Christmas, they give out toys and games and stuff to the poor kids of the US.
Fact- They will kick your fucking ass if you fuck around with them.
by the_masked_magician00 November 13, 2004
"The threat to the world is not over.
As we speak, our futures in grave danger

Ice cube, Mack 10 and W.C. are...MASTERS OF GANGSTERIZM.

A group of organized street thugs turned business men
The Gangster, The Killa, and the Dope Dealer.

Through out the western hemisphere connection cells have been multiplying faster then anticipated.
World domnination is a true reality we must face, it is...upon us.

Capitalism, Materialism, and Imperialism, our world must never fall in the hands of the WESTSIDE CONNECTION."

So what the fuck we gon do now

What the fuck are we gonna do now?"
"So what the fuck we gon do now
What the fuck are we gonna do now?"
by the_masked_magician00 December 05, 2004
Gabba + Thrash + Punk + Industrial + Techno + Hardcore= Digital Hardcore.

Excessive, Earmelting Guitar(?) work, Pounding Electronic Drums, Great Vocals are some descriptions of this genre of music.
See Atari Teenage Riot and Mad Cap Market.
by The_masked_magician00 September 18, 2004
The greatest thing that has ever happened in music since Nirvana.
OutKast is the best thing that has ever happened to music since Nirvana.
by The_masked_magician00 September 18, 2004
An entertainment company who leeches off of old, classics...of what you ask? Anything, may it be Classic Rock or SNL. They take pride in releasing to you a Digitally Remastered, Super Deluxe, Box Set of everything about everything. They also advertise these box sets via late night infomercials on Comedy Central.
"Time Life is totally killing Led Zeppelin"
by The_masked_magician00 September 18, 2004
The movie where Mcauley (sp?) Culkin is actually evil and tries to kill his cousin (played by Orlando Bloom). Mr. Culkin was one sick bastard in this movie, he shot a dog with a makeshift nailgun, tried to push his mum off a cliff, threw a dummy off a bridge and caused a 100+ car pile up. Bastard. At the end he falls off a cliff and dies. Death to McKauley (sp?) Culkin!
John- Did you ever see the Good Son?
Jacob- No, Why?
John- Mcauley (sp?) Culkin is one sick bastard.
by the_masked_magician00 November 13, 2004
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