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A stoner activity wherein one consumes copius amounts of ganja, ganja extract, edibles infused with either, or any combination thereof, and then consequently proceeds to drive at noticably slower velocities due to the effects of said ingested products, meanwhile experiencing the sensation and subsequent rush of driving extremely fast, as though being a NASCAR racer.

The pot head may "tune in" to increase the feelings associated with Hashcar Racing by turning on music including, though not limited to, Asian dub, house, club, swing, folktronica, synergy, neurofunk, cybergrind, thrashpunk, trip-hop, and spacesynth.

Although Hashcar Racing is not considered dangerous because of the slow velocities inherent, it may become hazardous if combined with "hotboxing" since the driver's field of vision and occular clarity may be decreased by the smoke cotained within the automobile.

Hashcar racing is considered a sport by a small percentage of reefer tokers.
Though the sport is not recognized as an olympic sport, it does have a worldwide yearly competition on April 20th called "The Great Space Race."
(as a verb)
John: Why is that dude going so slow? It's a 55mph zone!
MaryJane: He must be Hashcar racing.

(as a noun)
MaryJane: I hate traffic!
John: I don't mind, I just light up a slpiff and transform into a Hashcar racer.

(as an adjective)
John: I just got an ounce of some dank Collie Buds, what should we do?
Mary: We should take your Pinto to the burbs and get all Hashcar Racey on the side roads!
John: What a novel idea! I'll grab the zig zags!
by The_dude_speaketh February 03, 2010
An addition to winter gear for women which assures the vagina does not freeze in inclement weather. The female equivalent to the male's "long johns."
Dude! I totally saw that babe rockin' some snow panties! I bet she's got a warm vagina! Awesome!

I bought a pair of snow panties so my crotch doesn't ... clam up... when it gets so cold out.

Thank god I remembered my snow panties! If I had to wear his stanky stank long johns with the front penis fly I'd never sleep in this blizzard!

(as a pun)
Dude, I heard that chic is so frigid she's got the snow panties on in the summer brah. Stray away!
by The_dude_speaketh July 31, 2009

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