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A worthless paper. Full of pointless stories about why Britney this and why Britney that. Tales about illegal immigrants. Boring celebrity stories that keep the vacuous-minded completely riveted! Anyone who takes these papers seriously isn't too smart ...

... the British love tabloids. They revel in the stories about illegal immigrants ... it gives them a "folk devil" to look down upon.

The effect: A large number of British people hate illegal immigrants. This has been partly fuelled by the tabloids' endless campaign against them, especially in the past few years.

"They should all be left on an Island" ... a typical tabloid reader, talking about illegal immigrants.

"Don't get me started on illegal immigrants" - a typical tabloid reader in Kent, UK

"Those Asians hang around in groups. The ones in Afganistan should be shot" ... young man reading tabloid in Canterbury, Kent, UK

"I think all application forms from Indians should be burnt" (puts on a fake indian accent after saying this) .... Human Resources woman in Maidstone, Kent, UK, working for a public sector company!! She'll get what's coming to her one day ....

Tabloid-loving racists are not uncommon in the UK ....
by The_Unvarnished_Truth May 31, 2006
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